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Company Story

McKay’s Music Lessons was founded in  2013 by Charles and Lakeshia McKay; two college students at the time. Charles was working at Victoria Secret as a stock clerk and Lakeshia was working at Denny’s as a waitress while doubling as a nightclub promoter. Shortly after dating the two decided to combine Charles’s love and passion for Music and Education with Lakeshia’s Entrepreneurial spirit and experience in sales and marketing to start a music lesson company “McKay’s Music”.

Charles has been a lifelong fan and student of music studying since the age of 7.  His experience as a public school student with the opportunity to study with private music lessons has helped to provide him a well-rounded view of music education. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Baritone, and Drums. Upon graduating from Dillard High School’s prestigious Performing Arts program he was accepted to Florida A& M University with a scholarship to study Music Education. During his junior year of college, Charles decided to transfer to Florida Memorial University where he earned his Bachelor of Music Education in Jazz Studies under the leadership of the late Melton Mustafa Sr. Since graduating from college Charles continues with his commitment to music education for the next generation through his leadership with McKay’s Music and his roles in both Public and Private school music education.

Lakeshia’s journey as an entrepreneur began in her early childhood. Stemming from a family of entrepreneurs, business owners, and stress vendors for Lakeshia being an entrepreneur came naturally. Her lessons in sales and marketing began at the age of 6 with a box of pencils and have continued to evolve over the years. She went on to earn her first management position at the age of 16 years old and self-published her first book of poetry before graduating from high school. During college, she ventured into several different business opportunities night club promoting, life insurance sales, network marketing, and even managed to open a retail shoe store. While she did not succeed in any of these ventures Lakeshia kept her passion for business insisting that every time she failed she learned a new lesson that has qualified her for her role as CoOwner and Director with McKay’s Music. As schools continue to remove music education from their curriculum due to a lack of funding; Charles and Lakeshia are focusing their skills, experience, and talents to provide music education for over 100,000 students in the next five years through the use of private lessons, camps, and partnerships with local schools and community centers.

Create global awareness about the value of music education to help ensure a future for the next generation of musicians.

A world where music education is used as a primary tool to help empower students and embrace their individuality.

Provide music education for 100,000 students by the year 2025.

  • People – When cared for correctly humanity yields the highest return of any investment.

  • Education – Without knowledge, there is no vision and without vision, people perish. We intend to enlighten the world one student at a time through music education.

  • Music – Embedded into the foundation of our world is “music”. It knows no language, color, religion, gender, or borders, when used correctly it’s an invisible power that unifies humanity.

  • Creativity – At birth, every human is given the right and the ability to be creative; it is up to us to use it wisely.

  • Individuality – When one is allowed to freely express his/herself without the fear of judgment the possibilities are endless.

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