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How can Music help you build a stronger family bond?

How can Music help you build a stronger family bond?

As human beings, we tend to share one common goal and that’s the safety and wellbeing of our families. The COVID-19 Pandemic has sent fear sweeping across our nation causing a shift in the atmosphere that has altered the course of our daily lives. It’s not all bad though many of us would otherwise be so busy keeping up with the demands of our lives that spending time with our family has been on the to-do list for some time now. Finally, there is no avoiding it whether you want to or not you’re now forced to spend all day together in the same place at the same time. 

While many are struggling to find the balance between work, homeschooling their children and creating a new social norm for their families integrating music into your daily activities can help you create a stronger bond with your family. Being isolated for long periods poses a challenge for even the most relaxed and patient among us. Studies show that spending a long period doing nothing can begin to harm our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. The IQ of a child can decrease as much as 20 points when there is no intellectual stimulation.

The good news is music has several benefits when played together and listened to with your family. Research shows it can help to enhance your social skills and elevate your mood. Parents who listen to music with their children are more likely to have a close and warm relationship. It helps to improve your synchronization of your family by helping you to do more synchronized activities such as singing or dancing together.

Do you remember the last time that you turned on the stereo in your home and sing along with your little one or just hold hands and dance together? These are the moments in life that we often carry with us through the journey of our lifetime. Here are five activities you can do with your family to help ease the tension in your home and bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Karaoke Competition
Simple but pure fun, karaoke is one thing you can enjoy with everyone in the family.

You will need:

  • A microphone and sound system (or you can get creative and make your own)
  • Karaoke songs 

How to play:

  • Have everyone write down a few of their favorite songs on small pieces of paper and put them in a box.
  • Then have each one in the family draw a piece of paper from the box and sing the song they draw from the box.

You could score them on how much of the song they singh correctly but avoid judging their singing voice. To make the competition challenging, throw in a few songs that they are not familiar with. That way, they’ll have to use whatever music knowledge they have to try and guess the right tune!

Musical Chairs

This game never gets old regardless of age everyone will have fun playing this game.

You will need:

  • Chairs
  • Open Space
  • Music

How to:

  • Arrange the chairs in a circle and play the music.
  • Everyone should walk as long as the music is playing and sit in the closest chair as soon as the music stops.
  • To make things more interested the one who is left standing when the music stops you can dear them to do something. 
  • Don’t be surprised to see everyone is laughing uncontrollably. 


Musical Trivia

A quiz about music? Why not! If you want to get the entire family engaged, have trivia questions relating to music history, songs, genres or even lyrics.

You will need:

  • Set of questions
  • Rewards

How to play:

  • You could make this an individual event or a team event.
  • When playing with a large group its best to divide everyone into teams.
  • Choose cool team names.

Watch out because you’re about to bring out the competitive side of your family. 


Musical Statues

A game for one or more people, musical statues can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

You will need:

  • Music player
  • Space to dance

How to play:

Play the music and ask everyone to dance. When the music stops, everyone should freeze like statues. You can choose the time they are required to remain in the position for example 30 seconds or one minute. The ones frozen in position without moving, giggling, or even wobbling when the music is not playing is out. When the music is back on, they continue dancing. The last person dancing on at the end is the champion statue!


Musical Limbo

Limbo is a game that tests how flexible the body is. Add music, and it becomes all the more fun. In musical limbo, you don’t just walk under the beam. You have to go dancing from under it!

You will need:

  • A long stick or beam
  • Music player
  • Space to play

How to play:

Have two adults hold the beam at a height such that the kids can pass from under it without a lot of effort.

There are two simple rules to this game: the kids have to dance to move, and they should not touch the beam. Play the music and have the children move from under the beam, one after the other. Whoever touches the pole or fails to dance while under it is out of the game. After one round, lower the beam a little and repeat the routine. Do it until there is only one kid left. The kid who manages to last till the end wins!

We encourage you to try at least one of the games we listed above and when you do come back and share with us which one your family enjoyed the most. Feel free to tag us @mckaysmusiclessons in your social media post as you share the fun you are having with your family playing these games. Share your favorite musical game in the comments below. 


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